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TOKYO KEIKI RAIL TECHNO exhibited at “RailLog Korea 2017”

TOKYO KEIKI RAIL TECHNO (TRT) exhibited jointly with Korean partner company at the“Korea Railways & Logistics Fair (RailLog Korea) 2017” held in Busan, South Korea from June 14th to 17th. At the exhibition, TRT presented actual machine samples of ultrasonic rail flaw detector series, Data Depot System (non-contact & high speed digital communication supporting system), a train vibration and motion measuring device. Also we exhibited panels of ultrasonic rail inspection cars, turn-out inspection device and so on.

TRT is focusing on Korean market, and continuously delivering their products to Korean railroad companies in recent years. In the Korean railroad industry, big movements are continuously occurring in these days such as a start of a joint company of Seoul Metro and SMRT on May 31st, or a starting operation of SRT, which is called the third high-speed rail way following KTX and KTXII.

Also, new administration of South Korea which has started on this May is proposing a design in which they are aiming to connect South and North Korea in a track. Busan city, the venue of the exhibition this time, is expected to be a starting point of the railway.

In the Korean railway market where it may be said that a blooming time right began, TRT will try to expand share more.