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Ultrasonic Rail Inspection Car 'URIC'

Rail inspection car
Rail inspection car
Rail inspection car
Rail inspection car
Rail inspection car
The ultrasonic rail inspection car's flaw detection system detects internal rail flaws as the car runs along the rail and with the distance measurement system option can provide accurate detection of flaw position.
In addition to flaw detection, additional system options include sectional wear measurement utilizing the newest in image processing technology and rail corrugation measurement using lasers.
The ultrasonic rail inspection car has established an enviable record of shipments to the Japan Railways companies including the Shinkansen as well as every major private railway company.


  • Capable of high-speed ultrasonic rail inspection (40km/h).
  • Manual calibration of position based on kilometer post references for distance information. In addition, accuracy can be enhanced using the "DataDepot" System (option) which detects position data automatically.
  • Flaw data is presented in "B" scope color display in real time. Also display recognition provides results of defect type, classification and position data. Store and playback functions are also provided which enable evaluation and discrimination of natural defects and artificial "defects" such as bolt holes, etc., which results in increased reliability of test data. "A" scope display in real time is also available.

Delivery milestones
1965 Tokaido-Shinkansen (formerly Japan National Railway)
1976 Sanyo-Shinkansen (formerly Japan National Railway)
1982 Tohoku-Shinkansen (formerly Japan National Railway)
1987 Tokyu Corporation
1988 Central Japan Railway (Shinkansen)
1990 Seibu Railway
1993 West Japan Railway
1994 Tokyo Metro(formerly Teito Rapid Transit Authority)
1996 East Japan Railway (Shinkansen)
1997 Tobu Railway
1999 West Japan Railway (Shinkansen)
1999 Kyushu Railway
2000 Tokyo Metro
2001 Keikyu Corporation (Keihin Electric Express Railway)
2003 Kintetsu Corporation (kinki Nippon Railway)
2003 Odakyu Electric Railway
2004 Kyushu Railway (Shinkansen)
2004 East Japan Railway
2004 Seibu Railway
2005 Hokkaido Railway
2006 Central Japan Railway (Shinkansen)
2008 Tokyu Corporation
2009 West Japan Railway
2011 Tokyo Metro
2015 Kyushu Railway
2015 West Japan Railway

*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.