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Chief representative Shigemi MATSUZAWA, President
Address 2-16-46, Minami-Kamata, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 144-8551 JAPAN
Phone +81-3-3732-7061
Facsimile +81-3-3732-7050
Date of established September 11, 1997
Employees 58 (September, 2017)
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[ Introduction ]

Since 1954 when TOKYO KEIKI commenced sales of ultrasonic flaw detectors, our company has had a long history in design, manufacture, and marketing of various inspection and measurement instruments and systems for rail maintenance.
With the establishment of the TOKYO KEIKI RAIL TECHNO INC. subsidiary in 1997, the functions of design, manufacture, and marketing of such equipment have been augmented with rail maintenance inspection and measurement services and we are now able to offer our customers a comprehensive range of equipment and services for railway track maintenance.
Our major products include ultrasonic rail inspection cars, ultrasonic rail flaw detectors, switch profile gauges, portable rail section measuring devices, "DataDepot" system (non-contact, high speed communications system) and over the years we have compiled a solid record of achievements in products supplied to all major railway companies in Japan, including the Shinkansen.
With the depth of products and services we are able to offer in addition to our wealth of experience and expertise, we are confident that we can provide users who are tasked with keeping the trains running, enhancements in economy, rationalization, and first and foremost, safety and comfort in railway maintenance operations.

[ Our customers ]

Hokkaido Railway Company(JR Hokkaido), East Japan Railway Company(JR East), Central Japan Railway Company(JR Tokai), West Japan Railway Company(JR West), Shikoku Railway Company(JR Shikoku), Kyushu Railway Company(JR Kyushu), Japan Freight Railway Company, TOBU Railway Company, SEIBU Railway Company, Keisei Electric Railway Company, Keio Corporation, Odakyu Electric Railway Company, Tokyu Corporation, Keikyu Corporation, Sotetsu Holdings(Sagami Railway Train), Nagoya Railroad Company(Meitetsu), Nagoya Rinkai Kosoku Railway Company, Kintetsu Corporation, Nankai Electric Railway Company, Keihan Electric Railway Company, Hankyu Corporation, Hanshin Electric Railway Company, Kobe Electric Railway Company, Sanyo Electric Railway Company, Nishi-Nippon Railroad Company, Tokyo Metro Company, Sapporo City Transportation, Sendai City Transportation, Toei Subway, Yokohama Municipal Subway, Nagoya Municipal Subway, Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau, Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau, Kobe Municipal Subway, Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau, Pakistan Railways, Vietnam Railway, Korea Railroad Corporation(KORAIL), SEOUL METRO, Inspection company in Taiwan, Inspection company in Hong Kong, etc...

[ Company history ]

2001 Developed and began sale of Switch Profile Gauge which utilizes CCD cameras to provide quick time measurement of turnout track geometry and wearing depth.
1997 With aim to further expand our presence in the market, TOKIMEC RAIL TECHNO was formed as a joint capital company of TOKIMEC INC., ITAKE CORP. a seller of track maintenance equipment, and KIYOTA RAILWAY ENG'NG CORP. a company dedicated to track and railroad-related earthmoving construction.
1994 New "DataDepot" System introduced as cutting-edge technology and product which further strengthened our equipment lineup of flaw detection systems centering on ultrasonic flaw detectors and ultrasonic thickness meters.
Railway Systems Dept. was established with a primary focus placed on railway track maintenance operations.
1990 Company name changed from TOKYO KEIKI to TOKIMEC.
1977 Development of ultrasonic rail flaw detector "Rail Tester" 'RT-101' which allowed simple one man operation in the detection of internal defects in rails. System was adopted by the Shinkansen Operations Division(formerly Japan National Railway).
1965 Japan's first ultrasonic rail inspection car was delivered to the Tokaido-Shinkansen (formerly Japan National Railway).
1954 Began manufacture of ultrasound fault detection device which marked entry of TOKYO KEIKI into the market for non-destructive inspection device.
1930 Company headquarters moved to Kamata, Tokyo.
1896 TOKYO KEIKI is established in Koishigawa, Tokyo as Japan's first measuring instrument manufacturing plant. Began manufacturing pressure gauges.