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Customer Service and Support Scheme

Tokyo Keiki has established the prompt equipment repair service network. And we are offering the proactive/preventive equipment maintenance program.

Worldwide Service Network

Tokyo Keiki has service companies in more than 50 countries in addition to Japan in order to provide 24/7 support.
Tokyo Keiki Worldwide Service Network List [PDF]
Location of Oversea Service Agents
Location of Oversea Service Agents

Maintenance and Preventive Service

Tokyo Keiki has the past service and parts replacement records for each ship in our Karte system.
When customer requests us the maintenance & repair service, we recommend customer to replace worn-out/aged parts by checking the past service records in this system if necessary.

Annual Maintenance Agreement

Tokyo Keiki offers periodical maintenance to reduce unpredictable failure and keep Customer's Autopilot systems & Gyrocompass in good condition.
Our certified engineers conduct annual inspection and replace worn-out/aged parts, which decreases the probability of failure/malfunction.
This agreement enables you to plan the fixed amount cost for the next five (5) years.
So you can easily budget.
It is suitable for the preparation for assessments, such as SIRE Programme and CDI Inspection.

Customer Questionnaire

We appreciate your cooperation for us to improve our product and the service.
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