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Emblem commemorating Tokyo Keiki's 120th anniversary

On May 1st, TOKYO KEIKI celebrates its 120th anniversary.
In commemoration of this milestone, we have created an emblem which reflects and symbolizes our long tradition and boundless spirit of innovation with which we face the challenges of the future.

Tokyo Keiki was established in 1896 as Wada Keiki Seisakusho in Koishikawa, Tokyo as the country's first manufacturer of measurement instruments and producer of pressure gauges. At the time there was no Japanese language equivalent for the expression "measuring instrument" and it is said that the now vernacular term "keiki" was originally coined by the company's founder, Yoshihira Wada.

The Tokyo Keiki Group will continue to defend steadfast and trusted traditional and universal values while moving forward with initiative and bold innovation in embracing change-imperative values that respond to evolving social needs and the requirements of the times. We will endeavor to contribute to the safety and peace of mind of our society through craftsmanship predicated upon the development of our human resources.

Tokyo Keiki's 120 year tradition is represented in this emblem in gold to signify richness, strength, and abundance in a motif symbolizing infinity as a visual expression of a future of unceasing and limitless innovation.